Taking Teddy for a walk

Sometimes when Mummy isn’t watching, I sneak Teddy with me on our walks.IMG_4711When she realises I have brought it downstairs, she takes it from me and leaves it just inside the front door.  When she does that I get very anxious to get back just in case someone should nick Teddy.  So I would hurry on with business and get back quickly.

But when I do get out the front door without her realising I’ve got Teddy, she would put it in her pocket – in which case I am very distracted and would keep trying to jump up to get Teddy back with no luck.  Again I would hurriedly do what I am suppose to do.  Only after that would she give Teddy back to me.

Or sometimes, very seldom, she just lets me walk with Teddy in my mouth.  🙂IMG_4715May’s comment: This was one of her first toys – I bought that for her when I went to NYC for the first time after I got her. And it has remained her favourite.  IMG_4718The arms have been lovingly nibbled on but has not been gutted like the lamb, the giraffe, all the other menagerie.

Since George came into our home, Darcy has also become less territorial with her toys.  These days we often have Charlie or any of the other neighbours come over all the time. She doesn’t mind any of them playing with her toys – with the exception of Teddy.IMG_5573-580x435

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