Mister Charles! We’ve missed you …

and why have you turned a shade of grey?

IMG_3449Hmmm. IMG_3495Don’t think Mummy will want you on the bed!

So first things, first – a complete bath, a summer trim, so he can cool down from the heat – BEFORE he is allowed to jump into bed!

VOILA! What a bath and trim can do …IMG_3499Now isn’t that better? Because now you’re ready for hugs!!!IMG_3520Like lying on Mummy while watching telly! LOL!

We’re happy to have you back and we especially love your very expressive whiskers!

May’s comment: Haven’t seen Charles for weeks. So happy to see him again!IMG_3492LOVE that face! LOVE how he loves to lie on me, put his paw on my hand and smuggle up close. I have to say he has such a big presence that my two just seem to fade into the background. He demands attention and he’s the best smuggler! They can’t wait for Charlie to leave! LOL! Really, he’s part of the family.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Good to see that cheeky little face again.

  2. Alison Mullett

    Charlie’s whiskers are amazing!! That’s made me laugh! He’s such a gorgeous boy, impossible not to love him!!!

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