George et moi in Avignon

Yesterday we took a trip to Avignon …

Tory knew we were not allowed to go into the gardens of the Palais des Papes.

IMG_2577So we defied their rules and sneakily took the little tourist train that took us through the garden! IMG_2553Ha! Ha!IMG_2557

Unfortunately, we did not get to stop at the top at the lookout points but we saw in passing some of the highlights.IMG_2579

There was the famous medieval bridge – Pont Saint-Bénézet which apparently was the inspiration for the song Sous le pont d’Avignon – which Tory sang for us! IMG_2599The train went through very narrow streets.  IMG_2602One of the shops we saw in passing had the “santons al Provencal” – IMG_2615a collection of the famous Provencale nativity figurines.IMG_2621Near the Place du Palais, we saw the Trompe l’oeil images of famous actors.  Pretty cool!IMG_2552George was a little squirmish at first but soon settled down to take in the sights.IMG_2594After our “exhaustive” train ride through the townIMG_2605 Tory suggested we have a cup of tea at Hotel de l’Europe. But we were not sure if they would be dog-friendly.

We walked into their lovely courtyard

IMG_2651IMG_2630And arrived at the front door IMG_2644where we met Damien. He was at the front desk of the hotel. We asked if we all may sit in the courtyard for a cup of tea. He looked at us and said, “But of course. You can sit inside or outside. Wherever you wish.

To which both Tory and Mummy asked – “With the dogs inside?

And Damien answered, “Especially the dogs! We love dogs here!IMG_2638


Of course, we sat INSIDE IMG_2627 IMG_2631And I almost got a chunk out of that HUGE serving of mille-feuille – surely they could not finish all that by themselves.IMG_2636

May’s comment: What can we say? Forever loyal to Hotel de l”Europe – the beautiful former residence of the Marquis of Graveson dating from the 16th century. Thank you Damien for a lovely end to our day trip to Avignon.IMG_2640And we found out that the owner of Hotel de l’Europe has four dogs themselves.

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