Marché du samedi at Pernes les Fontaines

Tati, George and I went to the Saturday market at Pernes les Fontaines, a Gallo-Roman town known for its many fountains.  

At the market there were incredible sights …IMG_2692and smells.  My nose was twitching the whole time …IMG_2698 Love the saucisson stalls.IMG_2707Pretty strawberries from CarpentrasIMG_2725Bright red tomatoesIMG_2720And all sorts of green herbsIMG_2731 And they reassured us that they also speak English and GermanIMG_2719 And oh dearie me!  I guess we have both the good and the well, not good things.IMG_2728 And this guy had his paella ready to go!IMG_2734Surely being at Pernes les Fontaines, a town with over 40 fountains, we had to find at least one before leaving.

The first one we saw was a fountain covered with moss!IMG_2767 Seriously – this is a fountain!IMG_2763 We walked along the quieter streets and came across another in a public park.IMG_2776 And this one by the original covered marketplace.IMG_2791And yet another this one along a residential street with pretty wisteria.IMG_2781We walked towards these very old walls – they were part of the original ramparts of this ancient townIMG_2789And then walked towards Eglise Notre Dame de Nazareth which dates from the 11th century.IMG_2794The old church has two sundial clocks on the wallsIMG_2797And Mummy thought I needed a blessing from the Virgin Mary.IMG_2796

We also came across the well-known boulangerie and chocolatierIMG_2768IMG_2771And the town’s old butcher shop.IMG_2774Well, it’s time for lunch!  Till next post.

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  1. nancy

    I love Darcy’s blog…and George reminds me of my little girl I had for 14 years, Amanda! You guys are great! (And your person too!!!)

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