Moments like these …

makes Mummy wonder why she doesn’t have Charlie more often.

She goes to bed with Charlie’s chin on her shoulderimg_5738She wakes up to Charlie coming for a cuddle
img_5754 He lays his head on Mummy’s chestimg_5757He’s spooning her while I look on …
img_5759Georgie rouses and looks up to see what Charlie is up toimg_5761 And then he gets up for a s-t-r-e-t-c-himg_5765 And Charlie jumps over Mummy to check on Georgeimg_5769They say “good morning” to each otherimg_5778And they have a little play img_5774And when Mummy still isn’t getting up, Charlie just flops down on her againimg_5781 And George nudges Charlieimg_5782 And then looks out at the great big world with his big brown eyesimg_5785 And all this time I look on – wondering what has happened to my world of just Mummy and Me.img_5758May’s comment: Charlie gives the best cuddles.

Darcy has her space next to my head when we go to bed and then she stretches out and takes up the other side of the bed.  Sometimes in the mornings, she would jump up on my side of the bed for a short snuggle – waiting for me to get up.  She doesn’t like to be cuddled and held.  I wish she did. She does look on whenever I cuddle the others.

George stays at the end of the bed at night – he likes his space.  Every now and then he decides to lie at the back of my knee of in between my legs – not very comfortable.  In the mornings he comes up to my pillow and lie next to me, waiting for me to move. When I do, he jumps on top of me and wants to be stroked.  If I should be stroking Charlie or Darcy, he will nudge my hand and ask to be stroked.

But Charlie, he charges at me as we get ready for bed and thumps himself on top of me, breathing heavily into my ear.  During the night he wanders off and sleeps on the floor under a chair – I think that’s where he slept when he was a puppy. Then he comes back in the mornings for more cuddles. He has no boundaries. He just wants to be close.

If there are human “Georges”, “Charlies” and a “Mr. Darcy” – wonder which version of sleeping habits I would prefer?!?!?! LOL!

And this is Charlie during the day, having a nap.img_5590He melts my heart. I wish I can have him more often … maybe one day when life settles down a little more.  He came to stay for a few days and now he has returned home. And I don’t know when I will see him again. Miss your cuddles Charlie.


  1. Oh my god he is adorable !!!!!!

  2. Sian

    I love this post!! The pics are pure love. What a great way to start the day!!

  3. Elizabeth Burman

    What a lovely way to wake up!

  4. Charlotte

    Such a lovely post

  5. Karen

    Aww who does Charlie belong too?

    • Miss Darcy

      A former neighbour who has since moved further away. He still calls and ask if I could take him when he’s in a bind. While it is difficult having three, there’s something about Charlie that makes him so loveable. Think it’s because he’s so needy.

  6. Karen

    Charlie sounds just like Enzo, maybe male cockapoos are all needy?

  7. Jocelyn

    Lucca also loves cuddles, maybe it is a male thing. Charlie is a beautiful dog X

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