Monday Memories

Remembering our trip through the Balkans when Mum always made sure I got sausages at breakfasts.

Where we were out every morning …

When we got off the trains especially after a long journey –

Every evening before bed time.

And seeking out parks where I could go off leash …

To find local squirrels to chase

Mum had to make sure there were dog-friendly places where we were welcomed

Where they provided beds –

But I almost always sleep with Mum

Even in the tightest of spaces

Because Mum really does love a good cuddle with me

And we successfully found restaurants everywhere we went that were dog-friendly.

But it wasn’t always fancy restaurants we went to –

These were the best places we went to …

Mum said – contrary to what people think, we saw a lot more than if I wasn’t with her. Believe it or not! I’ll let her explain why.

May’s comment: I have been asked so many times – isn’t it restrictive to travel with a dog? Yes and no. It’s a whole different mind-set. Because of reasons that it is better for me to have Darcy with me when I am travelling, I have to make the extra effort to accommodate her. And since I don’t like driving anywhere outside of London, we rely on trains.

And the long journeys mean we do get some work done – typing away at a computer makes the hours fly. But before we enter that zone of scenery whizzing by as we sit in a “capsule” for hours, the pre-boarding at train stations can be very hectic. And because we always try to arrive early so we are not rushing, others may not have done the same – so there are aways passengers dashing to platforms. Darcy and even George manage crowds with confidence. But not everyone is on the look out for dogs, especially smaller dogs. Whenever we are standing and waiting for a platform to come on the board, I either have Darcy sit between my feet or the roller bag is right next to her to ward off human feet and other roller bags. That very act is the maternal side of me that she brings out – and those hormones feel very present.

In fact, it is those very moments that makes me feel so blessed and complete to have her or the both of them by my side. And I relish those feelings.

Yes, it is a no-brainer to just hop on a plane to go somewhere and not have to time when Darcy needs a toilet walk or if she is allowed at places I want to go to. But I have come to realise, especially on the last epic adventure that the journey is part of the adventure. And because the train journeys were long, we stopped at places we wouldn’t otherwise. And we saw different sceneries along the way.

And due to the landscape of things at these less familiar places, we had to find alternatives to our travels. Simply because we found Dragan, our driver in Belgrade, the world opened up for us. I can imagine if I am a confident driver, I don’t think we would be home much. I would be driving all over the continent and beyond!

What about places like churches and museums where dogs are not allowed? I think I have done enough churches in my lifetime of travels and unless there is a special exhibit at museums, these days I prefer to find parks and walking the streets – taking in the atmosphere of the place. It becomes a different agenda. Not so much more a tourist but a traveller.

And of course we love finding good places to eat where they allow dogs. Of course I can leave her in the room and she would be fine. There was just one occasion when I couldn’t take her to breakfast. I then make sure I pack some sausages to bring back to her,

It’s a challenge and it took me hours upon hours to plan the itinerary. And when all goes to plan, that makes want to plan another trip! LOL! It’s the same old mantra – when there’s a will, there’s a way. And I am better with my dogs.


  1. Peter

    So lovely to see and hear about your trips.
    Our Poo doesn’t travel so well so our thoughts before we got her of cottages in the country have not materialised
    As you say they are such as comfort to have, when I was ill a couple of years ago she made me do things when all I wanted to do was sleep.
    Such a comfort

  2. Cheryl

    I enjoy reading about your travels, I’m so glad you have the will and the way to embark on these adventures.

  3. Annie Rhodes

    We travel stateside with our trip of poos (two cockapoos and 1 yorkiepoo) and we love it! They are great travelers. And open up new and interesting experiences. We began traveling this way in the early 90s and finding lodging was much different then. Life is great traveling with our dogs. We love reading about your adventures!!!

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