Is Mr. Darcy at home?

The entourage has arrived.

Pemberley aka Chatsworth House is supposedly where Jane Austen’s Mr. Darcy’s resided.

And we came to check it out with my friends – well, just in case there’s a Mr. Darcy.

Instead I met Henry aka @Chatswoof!

Equally charming and handsome.

But he was not so pleased that I was looking for Mr. Darcy instead of Mr. Henry.

He left in a huff! LOL!

Never mind, D! said George

You will always have me, your brother George, as in Clooney.

But George, I was not looking for my Mr. Darcy.

Hello! Are you there, Mr. Darcy?

It was for Mum. She was looking for a “Darcy” in her life when she decided that it need not be two-legged. Even then she didn’t get a four-legged Mr. Darcy but she got me instead. So I am still trying to help fulfil her dreams … never too late.

May’s comment: Jane Austen visited Chatsworth House in 1811 – a stately home in Derbyshire, England. It is believed she used it as the background for Pemberley – the fictional country estate owned by Mr. Darcy.

We visited once back in 2014 and have always wanted to returned but thought it would be more fun with friends.

I asked our Doodle Squad (aka me, George, Barnaby, Freddie, Mac and Maisy) humans if they fancied a trip to Chatsworth. Yes – they all said – and surprisingly we found dates that we could travel together. And I got in touch with Henry @Chatswoof if he would meet us for a walk.

We’ve been following Henry sine he was a pup. I had visited Chatsworth with Darcy back in 2014 and remembered it fondly. Had been planning a revisit for years – and wanted to share it with our Doodle Squad.

And he and Myfanwy came to meet the London doodles (and George) for a walk …

Mac, Maisy, Henry, George, Darcy, Barnaby, Freddie

And to take that iconic photo – with the newly named Miss Darcy Letter Sweaters!

Once we knew we were taking the trip, I had dreamt of this photo for weeks.

And when Emma of @Hattiekin had introduced me to Kris Knits by Hand – I had this crazy idea to outfit each doodle with their own letter sweater – including Henry! When I told Christine of Kris Knits about my idea – it never once fazed her. She sent me wool samples and I spent hours debating with myself which colour best fitted each doodle – and they all had to be different.

And all sizes were estimated based on Darcy’s and George’s sweaters.

And the very talented Christine made them all on time and they fitted perfectly!!! There are four other pooches with these letter sweaters and we hope to one day take a photo of all of them together!

You can order these customised Miss Darcy Letter Sweaters through Kris Knits on Facebook or contact She will need the body length from neck to tail.

More about Chatsworth House and our road trip tomorrow!


  1. Belinda & Freddie

    Best trip … and we love our Miss D letter sweater thx May , Darcy & Georgie

  2. Cheryl

    May, you are incredible! What a fabulous place to visit with the “Squad”! And the letter sweaters, well that was just over the top!
    I’ve said this before, you need to write a book! Your adventures and ideas would be loved by all!

  3. Liz Burman

    What a great visit, love the sweaters. Oh! and doesn’t Henry have the Mr Darcy look!!!😂


    How wonderful, absolutely love the Sweaters, a brilliant idea, and Kris Knits have done a lovely job. Henry certainly has an ‘air’ about him, and Miss Darcy is particular, she know what’s what. George looks wonderful in Blue, and Miss Darcy looks great in the Pink, all of the dogs look fabulous. Thank you for such a lovely cheery post to see on such a cold winter’s very wet day. Cheerio for now xxx

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