Moping by the door

Mummy left us this morning to go for her knee operation. Of course I didn’t really know what it meant – she just said goodbye to us.IMG_9019She left George and I at home with Ann. IMG_9025 And then George left to go with Praewa.

But Ann said – life must go on. Can’t sit home and mope. So she took me on her errands – to meet Ash, to Pet Spa, to the post office …IMG_9026 What made me happy was this on Mummy’s hospital gown. OK, so it’s supposed to be a bear paw but it made Mummy smile to see some paw prints on her gown. It was our way of being with her as she went to have her knee fixed.IMG_9022May’s comment: They both seem a bit confused – where did she go now? Darcy is moping by the front door and George, I think has come to realise we are “family’ and wondering why he’s not home again. 🙁


  1. Laura Cordovano

    Good luck with your surgery May!

  2. Bev

    So sweet & although they mope by the door, the reward of love on your home arrival makes up for everything 🙂

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