Sometimes George – you seem larger than life!  It’s all in the perspective …

It’s been two whole months since you came into our lives, our home and our world. You might be a dinky little thing in size but I admire you.

You’re a fighter. You have survived the first years of your life fending for yourself. Me, I was fed, brushed, groomed and cuddled from the day I arrived home.

I had the choice to sleep on my soft comfy beds or on Mummy’s bed. But you had to find places of shelter when it’s cold, when it’s raining.

Respect, George. We’re still getting to know each other and I am realising you’re not going anywhere any time soon.

It is difficult for me sometimes when I see Mummy giving you hugs that were once all mine.  And you try so hard to fight for your space – but you know what, our home is big enough for the two of us – and Mummy of course.

May’s comment:  In the early days George would come to a halt whenever he saw big trucks or buses. Today he waits at the bus stop and then jumps on board with no fear.

He did not know how to get into a car, but now, he follows right after Darcy jumps in.

He pees for England but these days – only when we’re outside.

One thing that he knows better than I do – greeting people with such eagerness and charm – he seldom fails to win them over.

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  1. Laura Cordovano

    What a great dog. I just love him. <3

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