More forms of amusement …

This time – scary bears!

After our photo opportunity at Duke of York Square, we took the bus to Orvis on Regent Street. Why? Because Mummy found a LED light to further attach to Georgie’s collar! 

“It is the lightest brightest toughest light in its class” – it says. Someone should make one that also jingles – or if it goes past a certain radius, it does recall!  Then we’re all set. IMG_6767All these preparations are for our trip to Avignon where we will be running around in wooded areas or backyards – so Mummy is taking all sorts of precautions for George’s curious nature.

At Orvis we checked out some doggy themed thingsIMG_6669 The staff were super amused by us – oh, Georgie, you craver of attention!IMG_6677 I wandered about the store checking out the wares and sought out another staff member for affectionIMG_6684But before long, guess who comes running?IMG_6683 And proceeded to take over!IMG_6681 And when he had enough, he ran off in another direction …IMG_6687 To the next person!IMG_6685We had the run of the store!

But we were leaving we came across two grizzly bears – Whoa! Scary!  Don’t move, Georgie! You’re only bite size for Father Bear! IMG_6700And then Mummy got in the act!  The bears were a bit scary.IMG_6708Next stop … Osprey.  The animals in there were less scary – only a baby hippo!IMG_6710 Nice shop.IMG_6712OK, Mummy all this is really not a lot of fun for us. These animals don’t move.

Yet, there’s more later on this day of “city adventures” …

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  1. Miami Malteses

    Be careful letting George run wild in the woods! Little Dogs attract Wolves that will fetch them and take off with them as well as Birds of Prey that will pick them like squirrels and fly off with has happened to a few people we know…Poor George is always seeking attention because that is possibly how he got bits and scraps on the streets when he was a stray. Darcy, you are such a great Big Sister!

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