Morning Walk along Jardin des Tuileries

Well, not quite the Tuileries – just the edge of it.IMG_4058IMG_4054We’re not allowed in there. And maybe we know why. The Parisians don’t seem to pick up our poo. IMG_4053 Tsk! Tsk! IMG_4052At least all of them are on the side. Still, it’s disgusting. Mummy wouldn’t let me off lead just in case I go sniffing at them.

So we walk further. closer to the gardens near the Louvre. There we can go off lead. Again – lots of dog poo. What’s the matter with these people! IMG_4060We walked up to the Louvre for a photo opp. IMG_4072Then it was back to the hotel for breakfast. Ahhh, this is what it looks like during the day.IMG_4090May’s comment: Not many places to let dogs off lead in Paris. Makes it even more important to keep London parks free for dogs to run.

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