Mr. George goes to Christie’s

Georgie has been going to work with Sarah, one of our neighbours.

She borrows one of us sometimes on weekends but of late, she thought it could be quite fun to take George to the office.

And so they set off in the mornings … IMG_9050George is good company for their walk to Piccadilly
IMG_9053When he arrives, he is greeted by Colin at the front doorGeorge and Colin Christie's 9th July 2015 Oh no Georgie!!!! Don’t stick your tongue out at Colin – you may never get past that front door again!George sticks his tongue out at GeorgeSo he has to beg to be allowed in.Not just a pretty facePhew! Otherwise he would have had to walk home all by himself.

Once in the office, Georgie gets to see what Sarah doesSarah and George at work 29.06.15 And tries to help out whenever he canGeorge at the computer 29.06.15Reports from Sarah: George is amazingly well-behaved and everyone loves him!  Much asked after on days he doesn’t get to go to the office at Christie’s.

There are other dogs there too on certain days, like Harry for example.  All rather appropriately named 🙂

May’s comment: With Sasha (aka Little Tyke) in town, Sarah thought it would be helpful to take George with her to the office to relieve me of one less responsibility! 🙂  That’s the truth. Thankful for fabulous neighbours! Thank you Sarah!

It’s a long walk for little George both back and forth – so he’s pretty tired when he gets home. Plus all the excitement of new people to impress and even a walk in Green Park at lunch time. What a life, Georgie!

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