Mummy, I hope you’re feeling better

I’m staying with Tammy and Bruno for the weekend. Even though today Tammy had to leave me behind when she went to an event in the afternoon, I didn’t freak out.  She told me to “STAY!”

When she came home, I was pleased to see her.  She took us on a walk around Wimbledon Village before we had supper.IMG_3093Photo credit – Bruno and Tammy

Then when Aunty Tammy sat down to do some work, I gathered she must be communicating with MummyIMG_3092So I told her to tell Mummy that I have been good and hope she’s feeling better.IMG_3091As for George he went to work with Sarah – behaving impeccably as always.IMG_3096May’s comment: Doggies are fine.  Relieved.


  1. Karen

    Hope you are OK & soon feeling better! You are so lucky to have such a good support system in place

  2. Rusty

    So cute xx

  3. Laura Cordovano

    May I know how excruciatingly painful gall stones are. I wrestled with attacks for a couple of years before finally having my gall bladder removed. It has been clear sailing ever since. I hope you are ok and have gotten the pain under control.

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