Usurping Love!

Hi! It’s George!!!  Yes, it’s me! I finally have a voice!!!!  To all my loyal fans, you knew there will come a time when I will usurp THIS blog!  Yee-Ha!

I get to write this post because Darcy is off running around in chi chi Wimbledon Village.  Then that lucky devil – she’s off to House of Mutt!

I’ve stayed close by to where Mummy is – so here’s my chance to jump at the chance of saying something MYSELF! LOL!!! And yes I speak English rather well after almost a year.

Since Mummy disappeared on us since Wednesday, I’ve been staying and going to work with Sarah.  We had no idea what happened to Mummy.

Yesterday was Saturday, so we did not go to the office.  She took me on a walk down the road. I didn’t know where I was going. And all of a sudden I see Mummy!!!!IMG_3111Hey, Mummy! What are those things dangling from your hand?!?!!? What have you been up to?IMG_3114 Yes, Mummy, I love seeing you too – stop picking things off my face.IMG_3115So, Mummy do we rename this blog? How about “The Adventures of D&G”?

Copyrights issue?!?!? You mean there’s another D&G in the world? Who is Dolce? Who is Gabbana?

I can hear Darcy barking in the distant background – “oh, you unworldly little rat!!!”

May’s comment:  Left the hospital for a cuddle! Best healing!!!

Didn’t realise though walking out of the building was such an effort. Knackered by the time I got back to the ward. 🙁

Georgie, I loved seeing you today.  And I smile tonight looking out the window of my hospital room at our mansion block – IMG_3140knowing you’re safely snuggled up


  1. Jocelyn

    Nice to see George giving lots of healing cuddles X

  2. margaret danks

    George you little scamp, all this time, who knew your English was impeccable! Glad you were there to give mummy a much need healing cuddle.

  3. Bev

    Get well soon May, xxxx

  4. Rusty

    Hi George! Glad you made mummy feel well.

    I hot to see my mummy today as she’s back from holiday yay xxx

  5. Elisabeth and PooMonster

    Hey get well very soon May. X

  6. Alex

    Get well soon!!!

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