Mummy forgot …

That its National Love Your Pet Day.

Not that it is celebrated here in the UK, but to add insult to injury, she mostly ignored us all day.

It was cold and raining outside – but we were sent away, as Mummy had no time to walk us. We were sent for a walk with Joanna and Dawid.

I felt despondent that Mummy seem to not be celebrating “National Love Your Pet Day” with us.I didn’t want to play. I just wanted to go home.

But when we did arrive home, Mummy was just a busy-bee with builders, etc. George and I hung around …All day longEvery time she moved, we hoped for the extra treat she might give us on this special dayBut none came.

It was late in the day when she read Barnaby’s post on Instagram about this special day – only then was she reminded. 

Thank you Barnaby! What would we do without you?

She was on her way to the cinema to see “Fifty Shades Freed” but feeling guilty for not having “loved” us enough today – she stayed home with us instead. Oh well, I guess it’s only just a day – we know she loves us plenty much all the other days! 🙂

P.S. She had heard the movie wasn’t that great – so it wasn’t such a sacrifice on her part! LOL!

May’s comment: Oops!


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  1. Sandy

    No ooops May, you always love them no matter what. Lovely photos, as always.

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