You don’t have to look far for love

Though you’re sad, and missing Little Tyke and Mini Tyke – remember we are still here. Even Jaffa.

We will walk with you every morning to Juice Baby for your breakfast. And at the end of the day, your bed will never feel empty because we will be there right beside you.

And when the day comes when both Little Tyke and Mini Tyke no longer want to hold hands, just remember, you will always have our leashes to hold.  
We will always need you.  Remember, we can’t do without you. And we love you for it.

May’s comments: There really is love all around us when we stop being busy.

These hearts have always been there on the pavement on one of the streets we always walk along.  Someone must have drawn them when the pavement was being laid. Thank you to whoever you are for drawing those hearts. They not only make us smile every single time we walk on them – but it serves as a little reminder that love is all around us. Especially those little ones at the end of the leashes I was holding.

Love London, love life!

Thank you poochies, for being my constant.


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