Mummy “hearts” Chiswick Park

We’ve heard about Chiswick House Park and been meaning to go for walks there. So Coco and her mummy, Linda invited us to meet them for a walk – we couldn’t wait!IMG_1831Such beautiful groundsIMG_1732 IMG_1733This is Coco who was showing me around IMG_1808We played chase and did our doodle dash …
IMG_1739 When along came another poo-like doggy IMG_1745

Hello! Who might you be?IMG_1747It’s a Cavapoo!
IMG_1758 We could see dogs everywhere –IMG_1760Defo! dog friendly!IMG_1749We walked along one of the paths around the lake – where ducks and pigeons were standing on a frozen lakeIMG_1804Along the path we met a baby cockapoo that looked just like Coco.

IMG_1770 And further on there was Ronnie, an apricot cockapoo!IMG_1780There were all sorts of other doggies, but you know how we always seem to find each other, we poos.
IMG_1783That one is a black labradoodle puppyIMG_1792 But he suddenly looked small when along came this HUGE dog – IMG_1800Apparently he was still a puppy! IMG_1794 And he was jealously frisky!!! He didn’t like his mummy paying attention to any other dogs!IMG_1802At the end of our walk, there was a cafe we could sit outside. But we had to be kept on a short lead – apparently.IMG_1811There we saw a lot of the dogs that we had met on the walk. Everyone had the same idea. IMG_1812

Linda went inside the cafe to get some refreshments and Coco got really worried even though I was sitting with her.
IMG_1815So Mummy took the opportunity to give her a cuddleIMG_1822 But all was OK again when Linda came back.IMG_1823So this was Chiswick House – IMG_1776Absolutely beautiful!

We must bring Georgie the next time – it’s not as big as Hyde Park and it seems he might stay on the path. We hope.

May’s comment:  So lucky to have such beautiful parks to walk our dogs.  This is definitely a must go-to!

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  1. Alison Mullett

    Looks beautiful in the winter sunshine.

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