It’s the SALES!

Even for pets! 🙂IMG_1553

We went to Purple Bone to check out their sales.

IMG_1550Do we need yet another jumper? But they’re 25% off! It’s bargain!IMG_1552 This is what happens at sales – everyone clambering over each other.IMG_1551After some “heavy-duty” shopping – for us and Mummy found nothing for herself, she needed to be replenished. We went to Poilane but the place was packed

– obviously with other hungry shoppers.  Doesn’t look like we’re going in there.

IMG_1555Instead we went to our usual place – Lucio.  We LIKE their grissini!  Staring really hard at them – maybe they will move towards me.IMG_1561 George is usually better behaved than me at restaurants – he waits patiently on the floor while I would jump up on the banquette.  Yes, it’s allowed – the owner seats us there for our benefit.IMG_1557Mummy hopes Georgie will not pick up this bad habit from me either! 🙂

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  1. Judith Vogel

    Yum Yum George and Darcy!!
    You are sure the lucky ones!

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