Mummy, is he hurting you?

I went with Mummy for her massage. I know I am suppose to stay quiet so I sat under the desk.

IMG_6673 I just got a little concerned when I heard Mummy say, “Ow! That hurts!”

So I walked around the bed, checked it out from different angles. And then just to be sure, I jumped up on the bed to make sure that Mummy is ok.IMG_6676May’s comment: That was the funniest thing. She was wondering what was going on – probably because I was grimacing in pain!  She wanted to make sure I was ok.  My osteopath/masseuse could not believe himself – definitely a first, he said! Thank good ness he’s a nice guy and very understanding. 🙂


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  1. Tracey

    Ha – this is so funny, bless miss Darcy looking after mummy xx
    She is the sweetest pop
    Hope your feeling much better too may
    Tracey, Ralph & ruby xx

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