Mummy vs. Treats – guess which won?

I can’t explain myself and I won’t even try – those words speak for my dilemma. I see Mummy for the first time in a week and I am so excited to see her, but …

my desire for treats is insatiable. You see, once I know Mummy has come for us, I feel totally secure and I turn my interest to treats. At The Pet Spa there are trays, bowls and plates of them!IMG_3143May’s comment: When I went to pick them up at The Pet Spa after a much-needed wash-n-fluff on their arrival back in the city, this was their greeting. Yes, Darcy’s excitement lasted for three seconds and then her greed for treats became an obsession!IMG_3142She stole treat after treat when the groomer was trying to put the collar on her.

George on the other hand, probably did not see me and he did his usual going round in circles with excitement! LOL!


  1. Julia

    So funny. Harry is food/treat obsessed too! He does sit, paw & lie down in one fell swoop to get the treat quicker. ??

  2. Davina Lawrence

    Miss Darcey you are a greedy girl.

  3. Margaret Danks

    Miss D! Manners lol

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