Thanks for the memories

It was fun to look back at the photos from the past week.  I had a busy social calendar Mummy was running all over the place so I could meet up with pooches and hoomans, especially the munchkin ones.

The day after we arrived, we met Cara who came all the way from Philadelphia to meet us. She’s a cockapoo and like Jaffa, we are about the same size.We met up with Hilary (sans Oakley) for lunch at the Park Hyatt Hotel – it must have been the only place where the hoomans could sit with us indoors.We spent the rest of the day Hilary but she too had to go home to Oakley in New Jersey.  Maybe the next time we will meet him. We also travelled outside of NYC to see other pooches and their hoomansBella, the labradoodle lives in Washington D.C.And of course Mummy went to see her god-daughter Freya – the funny one who made Mummy laugh out loud. But it was Claudia who gave me the most cuddles.We had to of course visit our cousin, Molly who lives in New Jersey.
But as our train was passing through Philadelphia, they drove over to meet us.Molly did not approve of my panting in the car.

And brave Mr.Nikko came by car and train from New Jersey to meet us.
I wasn’t so sure about him at first as he was a little grumpy with me. It took a little while before we both became comfortable with each other.Claire is Nikko’s granny. She got to hold me and Mummy got to hold Nikko.We even went to a party at Max-Bone.That wasn’t the end of it.  We also met Oliver.  He’s a service dog and a very, very clever one.Oliver’s mummy and daddy came to meet me too!
Daniel didn’t come very far, just across the park. But he came even though it was raining.And then we had a lot of munchkins to meet.Miles and Camille are hoping to get a dog someday …Camille loves to read – and she wanted to read to me.On another day, I comforted Miles after he had one of his tooth pulled. It was very painful and I did my best to distract him from crying.  I think their mummy loved me – I even got to cuddle with her when I stayed with them when Mummy went out to a restaurant.

And there were my old friends from last Summer, Tyler and Adelina. But I haven’t met Tian yet.They too will someday have a dog – but for now, they are happy to play with me. 🙂They even took me for a walk in the park on the last morning before we left.  I overheard their mummy telling Mummy that she prefers me over Darcy. LOL!

There were many dogs in the building where we stayed.  We saw many of them come and go but we got to have breakfast with Bennie and Bailey.Bennie is a Maltese but Bailey, who is a rescue – they think he has some Westie terrier in him.

And then there was Zeus. Zeus is a Doberman of the sweetest nature. But he is very big and strong and unfortunately, not very well-disciplined.  When he gets excited and wanted to play, it was a bit scary so I barked at him.  He would run away to the next room and then he would come back. His hoomans didn’t like that very much so I never saw him again besides the first night.

Mummy was sad because the last time he even snuggled in the same bed as her. He is the sweetest but most misunderstood dog in the whole neighbourhood.  🙁

The following are not pooches nor munchkins but just Mummy’s friends who met up with Mummy and also to meet me.

Karen came down from Connecticut. And Aunty Sue – I know her. She came to visit us last year and we had lots of cuddles together. And last but not least, Sylvia came all the way from Miami. She has met Darcy a couple of times but we haven’t met yet.  Sylvia has the two Miami Malteses – Quincy and Tippy.She brought presents from her two puppies. Quincy gave Darcy a heart. 🙂  And Tippy, well, her mummy said she didn’t want to be so forward with me.  She bought me a bone instead – but with “love” on it. LOL! It’s ok Tippy, you can tell me you love me as much as you want.

I went to America not knowing anyone but having heard so much about some of them through Darcy.  I left with so many new pooch friends and hoomans too – big and small.  Thank you for the memories. I hope I will see all of you again someday – and maybe Darcy will be able to come too.  Right now, America seems like such a distant dream.

May’s comment: Thank you everyone for taking the time to meet George. You made our visit so much richer.  We didn’t get to do half the things we had planned on doing but our memories are so much richer. Stay in touch.  Maybe next time we shall try Delta Air – and go even further.

And yes, thank you Facebook for connecting people and dogs! 🙂


  1. Elana

    I love reading stories of your travels. Next time you’ll have to come to Pittsburgh:)

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