It’s not very PC to call me a mutt

When in America, it is politically INcorrect to call mixed breeds a mutt – we were told! LOL!

We met this lovely lady who told Mummy that when she called me a “mutt.”Mummy, you have to stop telling everyone I am a mutt.

You can call me a Heinz 57 dog.

You can call me “an accident” … (ha! ha!) or a Hungarian Refugee

But the correct term, we were told is – I am a Mixed Breed!!!!

May’s comment: Ah, yes, that PC thing has made its way to the dog’s world. LOL! We were told “mutt” is a derogatory term and they are now mixed-breeds when more than two combinations.  And a two combo is a cross-breed. But I love my maltese/shih-tzu/Yorkshire terrier mutt!!!The handsomest of them all!


  1. Claire

    I love Georgie too May!
    Just like I love my 2 crazy mixed breed dogs and my little old min pin!
    A dog is a dog no matter what breed they happen to be,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. Cheryl

    Georgie is a very special boy, who just happens to be of mixed ancestry!

  3. Davina Lawrence

    George you are not a mutt you are not a mongeral you are a CROSS BREED

  4. Maree

    Being all mixed up has given you very special cuteness qualities George that’s why we love you xxxxoooo

  5. cheryl houlton

    I like to think of my yorkiepoo as a designer dog, so would also class George as designer dog!Cheryl and Susie xxx

  6. Margaret Danks

    Georgie is the cutest little muttley cross breed

  7. Nancy Koon

    From The Pocket Oxford Dictionary of Current English, 1982; printed in Great Britian at the University Press, Oxford:

    mutt n. (sl.) Ignorant, stupid, or blundering person; (derog.) dog. [abbr.”mutton-head”]

    It’s not nice in GB either. “House of Mutt” is a play on words.

    Huggies Georgie!!!! You’re a “multi-cultural boy”!

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