My best friend Zavia

Zavia looks like a mini-me!  She’s going to be a year old on 4th July.  Lucas and Stacy are her parents.


Miss Zavia in pearls

We met one Sunday when we were both walking in Hyde Park. Out of nowhere there was this mini-me!


Do we look alike?

We are both apricot – Zavia has ginger ears like I used to when I was little. But even though she’s much younger and smaller, Zavia can run.  Sometimes she outruns me! But what she loves most is picking up sticks and makes any of us cockpaoos run after her. Not only is she fast but she darts around, changes direction. I get so annoyed I would start barking at her – telling her off!

She’s full of life and cheeky – kept teasing me. And I am my usual boisterous self and barked at her.  That was our first meeting but since then we’ve had many, many play dates.  Sometimes we even have sleep-overs.


Tight squeeze


This is what we look like after we’ve chased and tumbled for about four hours.


Stacy, Zavia and me!

But sadly, Zavia now lives in Nice and soon she will be even further away in Bali.  I don’t think I will ever get to see her again unless I go to the south of France before October. Hmmm. That’s a trip in the making.


Who’s who?


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