My best mate, Jaffa

Today it’s George, my turn to blog – reporting because I am starting to make my way home to Mummy after spending two whole weeks with Jaffa and her family.

It was two weeks ago and I was spending some alone time with Mummy as we did not make it to Mallorca. I had been with Sarah and went to work with her everyday until Mummy came out of the hospital.  We had all of one night together when all of a sudden Jaffa’s mummy came to pick me up.  Since then I have been spending every day with them.

Jaffa is a cockapoo who lives just down the road from us.  She’s quite a bit smaller than Darcy but still bigger than me. IMG_3215We played with each other every day …

Whether in the city or in the country.

IMG_3289 IMG_3291

We only managed to have one spat when we had words and marked our territory. Since then we’ve both accepted each other in the space we share and we love the humans.

Thank you Jaffa for letting me be a part of your family and for taking such good care of me.

Mummy said we should send them a box of biscuits from our favourite Biscuiteers who have goodies for humans and dogs.

These are for the humans – it’s called “Best in Show” tin – we don’t think there’s one in there that looks anything like me but in the spirit of hounds!
unnamed-6 And for Jaffa, she got her own treats. Peanut butter flavoured ones!product-cutout-dog-tubeMay’s comment: And in the spirit of saying thanks, thought this lovely box will brighten up the day of the nurses at Annie Zunz Ward and the doctors who looked after me at Chelsea Westminster Hospital. Love Biscuiteers – I can’t eat them myself, not for awhile but everyone else can enjoy them!


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  1. Dear George,

    we are delighted that you, Jaffa and mummy all got to try our delicious biscuits!

    I am going to have a word with our master bakers to see if they can’t include a cockapoo biscuit in future. We’re always looking for new suggestions.

    Keep up the good work!

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