My friend Melissa

I met Melissa last year when I was in New York City. We didn’t spend much time together then. But this past weekend  Melissa and her Mummy was visiting from Chicago and together we travelled to Cornwall.


She was a lot of fun to be with – she took me to run on the beach, …


… and she gave me massages – showing Mummy how to find my knots.

IMG_2240 IMG_2242

She gave me lots of hugs and cuddles. Lucky me!


But she did not feel well yesterday and I was very worried about her. When she went to the hospital, I sat on the bed and waited for her to come back.  When she finally came back to the hotel, we snuggled in bed. I wanted to make sure she’s ok.



Last night we had our last meal together at Henry Root. And then it was time to say goodbye. 🙁


I had a really lovely weekend with everyone. I’ll miss Melissa and her Mummy. But I know I will see them again – maybe in Chicago.


  1. Melissa McSweeney

    Awww!!! I am absolutely honored to be featured on your blog, Miss Darcy 😉 I miss you and your Mummy already, but I’m sure we’ll be able to see each other soon. Come to Chicago and I’ll take you for a run by Lake Michigan at Northwestern!

    • Miss Darcy

      It will be so fun to see you again in Chicago – so we must try! But do come back to visit us again. xox

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