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When one door opens, another had closed …

A couple of years ago when Beaufort House opened – Mummy went in to ask if they were dog friendly. They said only handbag sized dogs!!! So we never went there again – until last week when we walked past and saw at least two dogs inside!!! Read more…

Why we blog, as told to Pet-fi

A few months ago, Pet-fi, approached Mummy and I to share our story on how we came to write our blog. Read more…

Shall we dress up as Mixed Doubles?

Yesterday was Dog’s Dinner at Henry Root – and the theme was Wimbledon. Read more…

A Dog’s Dinner

At one of our many our local hangouts, Henry Root – there will be a Dog’s Dinner on the 4th May. Read more…

Olly came to supper

Olly and his mummy are our Facebook friends. We finally met in real life on Sunday when they came to visit. Read more…

A Day of Rest

And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.  So God blessed the seventh day and made it holy, because on it God rested from all his work that he had done in creation. Read more…

New old stomping ground

The Henry Root is the first restaurant Mummy took me to when I was only a puppy.  Read more…

Hondenliefhebbers van Holland

Yes, I spelt that long word all by myself!!! Read more…

What’s cooking, Chef? (A Dog’s Dinner @ Henry Root)

Our local “canteen” had another dog evening and our “gang of four” consisting of me, Georgie, Charlie and Fonzie (sometimes Jaffa) were all there – in a tangle with excitement on seeing each other again! Read more…

Dreaming about our Valentine’s Date

It will be Valentine’s on Saturday… George is dreaming about our Valentine’s Day lunch at The Henry Root – with all our doodle friends. Read more…

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And I won a prize!

Henry Root hosted their first Dog’s Dinner last evening.

I was so excited – I couldn’t wait to get inside. Read more…

It’s a Six-Love Sunday!

We were at Henry Root to watch the Wimbledon Men’s Finals with Mummy’s friends. Read more…

Sunday Brunch with Friends

After our meet in the park, we went to have lunch with Dash and Poppy – who came all the way from Dorset! Read more…

My own pancake

We went to Henry Root for pancakes tonight with an old friend of Mummy’s. The chef made me my very own pancake. Read more…

Sunday Roast with Aunty Viv

Aunty Vivienne came to have Sunday Roast with us yesterday.IMG_8063

Read more…

Lunching with Old Friends

Today we had an unexpected surprise when one of Mummy’s old friends came to visit. The last time Mummy was with Aunty Elizabeth was over 30 years ago – that’s like me in four plus years. Read more…

Old and New Friends

I met Mummy’s friends last night.  Mummy and Ngan Yue went to school together in Kuala Lumpur. The last time they met up was twelve years ago. Read more…

My friend Melissa

I met Melissa last year when I was in New York City. We didn’t spend much time together then. But this past weekend  Melissa and her Mummy was visiting from Chicago and together we travelled to Cornwall. Read more…

He won!!!

So the day is here and we watched the Wimbledon Men’s Finals with Charles and Sarah at Henry Root – our neighbourhood bistro. The place was full of people and everyone was excited and noisy – and now and then the crowd would shout “C’mon Andy!” or “Oh no! I can’t bear it!”  Or they clapped loudly with their hands. Read more…