My Heroes @ Crufts

We first learnt about Nowzad Dogs from Sara Abbott – it was a charity she was sponsoring.  And today we got to meet one of them.

This is Barky – he is from Kabul, Afghanistan, and one of over 650 dogs that have been re-homed/rescued from Afghanistan.  Nowzad dogs have endured horrific cruelty and remarkably survived – who have been helped to be re-homed by a charity launched by Pen Farthing of the British Royal Marines.

In fact one of the Nowzad dogs, Wylie won Scrufts Rescue Crossbreed of the Year yesterday.  Wylie, a mongrel was rescued close to death by British soldiers in 2011. He survived against all odds to become top dog!



He had such a horrid experience  before he was finally given over to Nowzad who eventually brought him back to Britain.  After six months in quarantine, he was adopted by Sarah Singleton – after learning about his story.



Today Wylie is TOP ODG!  Hooray Wylie! Hooray Nowzad Dogs! Thank you so much for helping our friends in Afghanistan who did nothing to deserve that life. Thank you for giving them a chance to have a loving relationship with humans.

May’s comment: Sergeant “Pen” Farthing broke up an organised dog fight in Helmand Province – that dog that he saved soon became his best buddy.   At the end of their tour of duty, the Marines figured out a way to bring the dogs back to be re-homed. Nowzad Dogs also operates the first and only official shelter for strays in Afghanistan.

For more information on the work of Nowzad Dogs please visit Nowzad Dogs

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