My Last Visit to Harrods

This is the place where I was groomed many a time. And this will be my last visit to Harrods because in a few days, they will close The Pet Kingdom.

We are always greeted at the entrance by a smartly dressed doorman, always polite and happy to see us.

IMG_0317We then wait at the security for The Pet Spa representative to walk us upstairs. When I am waiting, many would come by and say hello.IMG_0319

This is Daisy. We like her. She comes to get us and escort us upstairs to the The Pet Kingdom where the Pet Spa is located.IMG_0324 I say goodbye to Mummy as Daisy leads me inside.IMG_0329 A hug before I get my trim.IMG_0333 I didn’t see Mummy this time but my groomer was trying to point her out to me. Ahh! I see her – as usual taking photos.IMG_0334 Ok, let’s get on with it.IMG_0336 IMG_0338 How’s my fringe? I can see better now.IMG_0341 Now my bum needs a good trim.IMG_0343 Wow! Look at all those humans looking at us being groomed. IMG_0344May’s comment: There’s always a crowd looking at the dogs being pampered. It’s such a Harrod’s thing – to be the only department store to have a dedicated pet area. I don’t agree with selling puppies there but it was fantastic being able to leave one’s pet there to be groomed while we shopped and have lunch, etc. It was “service” as we know and Harrods has a history of catering to all our household needs – not just clothes.


  1. Melody

    I was going to pay a visit to Harrods this Sunday as I wanted to get a few bits do you think they will be still open then ?

    • Miss Darcy

      The last day for Pet Kingdom is the 31st. They are already down to bare bones the last time we were there. The hoarding for “more exciting women’s apparel are closing into the space.”

      • Melody

        Thank you May

        That’s a shame but sure I can find somewhere else to buy a few things…

        • Miss Darcy

          For dogs or for yourself? There’s a consignment store called Mungo & Maud – they will be on the second floor in Housewares. They are the only pet related thing remaining. Maybe in time they will increase that.

          • Melody

            Yes I would be doggy shopping so will take a look at Mungo and Maud what great names for a cockapoo !
            My little one will be born in March so stocking up although I have a suitcase full of goodies already and also purchased some shampoo and sprays from Purple Bone thanks to your recommendations on here.

          • Miss Darcy

            How exciting! Why don’t you come to our Hyde Park Meet before you go shopping. We meet at 10am.

  2. Julia

    It’s a shame they are closing the Pet Spa too.

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