To Raw Or Not To Raw

A lot has been written about dog food of late. The supplier of my raw food (Honey’s Real Dog Food) had written an article in the Daily Mail yesterday – here’s the link:  How-pet-food-killing-dog-feeding-parsnips-yoghurt.html

He is one of a number of canine nutrition experts who accuse the big dog food manufacturers of knowingly shortening the lives of millions of dogs.  He will be in a Channel 5 Documentary to be shown tomorrow evening at 9pm. Here’s a trailer of it. Hope it works.

May’s comment: Will be interesting to see what they have to say. I chose to go raw because Darcy was just not taking to any of the dried kibbles. Life would be so much easier if she does since we travel so often. I wonder what I would feed her the next time we go to the States.


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