My old beau

It’s been awhile, Rocko – so lovely to see you again.

Rocko was my first love. We used to be so crazy about each other – we would each go crazy just hearing the other’s name. But things are not the same as before.  

These days when we see each other, we still remember those feelings of butterflies in our stomach.  We acknowledge each other, but our eager greetings soon peters out.IMG_7653Rocko had come to stay unexpectedly.  His mummy had to go away for a few days. He is always welcome at our home.

Georgie was feeling a little left out at first. He left us to it.IMG_7658As we all settled down, Rocko sat by himself in the hallway. He was feeling sad and missing his mummy.

So Georgie went to sit with him and to keep him company.
IMG_7664 Then Georgie tried to get Rocko to play.IMG_7668 He tried hardIMG_7669 He rolled overIMG_7671 But Rocko, like me, we don’t play like we used to.IMG_7673Georgie did give up on Rocko but he then tried again when Rocko went to sit further down the hall.IMG_7662 IMG_7661 He almost succeeded. 🙂IMG_7660 Then Rocko finally came and sat in Georgie’s bedIMG_7676 And Georgie went to sit on the blanket Mummy had laid out for Rocko.IMG_7681And then when Charlie came along – uh oh!  They didn’t like each other at all.IMG_7688Charlie got told off for being aggressive.  And Georgie went up to him to tell him it’s ok – he still loves Charlie.IMG_7683Oh, Rocko, we know you miss your mummy but we’ll have fun while you’re here – Georgie will take care of that.IMG_7724_2

May’s comment: Georgie has become the sweetest little doggie.  He is so good natured towards everyone.  Maybe because he’s so small he is no threat to any of those larger than life cockapoos!  But he is quite Mister Social and always welcoming to others coming to our home while Darcy can be a little territorial with any doggies she doesn’t know.

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  1. Judith Vogel

    Good boy Georgie. It’s wonderful how you are so caring about friends who come to visit.

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