Our own Christian book

We have been looking forward to today – as we’re getting our very own copy of Christian the Lion at Love My Human book signing by John Rendall.

We arrived at the shop and there were already lots of hoomans there – waiting to get their books signed and to meet John.

We had met him last week and told him we will be coming today.

Look! That’s Christian with John.

Hi! Hi! I’m here!

Checking in with Jenny – my treat supplier.
Mum, get in line! We need to have our book signed.
Be patient little one, John told me. 

Finally Mum reached the front of the line and asked John if he would dedicate the book to me and George.

We were curious as to see what he was going to write …

For Darcy and George – You seem to be very lucky chaps! John Rendall
Mum wanted a “family photo” with John.
Photograph by Lapdog Photo Productions
Derek Cattani, the photographer for the book wrote – Lots of lion hugs.
I am getting a lion hug from John. So this is how Christian felt. ๐Ÿ™‚
George on the other hand was more interested in attention from everyone else.
Oh, hi! Belinda – where’s Fred?
Doing our posing poo pose with John! ๐Ÿ™‚
Photo by: Lapdog Photography Productions

The books were flying off the table as more and more hoomans arrived. And then suddenly there appeared this book from one of the staff of Love My Human.  This was his book from when he was a child – one of the first editions 


May’s comment: What a special event at Love My Human earlier today.

The story of a lion cub bought in Harrods by two young men, who lived in Chelsea for about a year and then given a chance to live the life of a wild lion in one of Kenya’s reserves.

Christian living in Chelsea
The joyful reunion between Christian, the captive-bred lion and his two human companions a year later in the wild has captured the hearts of many.

There are still a few signed copies left of the book at Love My Human. 

Derek Cattani with Primrose, Jenny Matthews, John Rendall

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