NÄHDÄÄN MYÖHEMMIN! (see you later)

Moi! Moi! (Bye! Bye!) We’re driving off now! LOL!

I don’t think Mummy knows how to ride a scooter.

As we journeyed home, we thought about our quick trip to Helsinki.

In three quick days, we covered quite a lot of distance … not just Helsinki and Suomenlinna but also Tallinn!

We met up with Friends: We’re so glad that our friend, Catarina could come over from Stockholm with short notice to spend a couple of days with us.And one of the highlights of our trip was meeting Johanna and MyrskyA Bit of Sightseeing: We went together to SuomenlinnaWe walked along the pretty Esplanad Walked along the harbourBy the Presidential Palace – don’t think anyone was home.We saw churches
And Helsinki by night – lights shimmering by the harbour.A Bit of Culture: Albeit one museum, I meant mummy did, not me. But we still enjoyed being there.  Catarina and I sat outside on some peculiar structured landscape of concrete tiles and oversized round glass windows. We sat “on top” of the underground Amos Rex museum.When we looked into the round glass windows, we could see silhouettes of the three of us!Mummy left us to go inside. I think she was wowed by the amazing space and the light display but what she really wanted to do was to take this photo of me – looking up from below.Catarina had to step in to help keep me there was it was glass and a bit slippery. Besides I didn’t know what on earth she was trying to make me do! LOL!Well, it wasn’t just Mummy who was taking my photo – LOL!As she was leaving after an amazing experience – guess who she saw in the picture window?We all had so much fun visiting the Amos Rex museum – from all different perspectives.A Bit of Shopping: Of course when in Finland, one must go to a Marimekko store. Not a particularly colourful season for the Autumn it seems.

And I posed with my own Marimekko bandana from Johanna!A Bit of Fine Dining: From amazing Salmon soup at Kamp Brasserie to native food at Nokka and exquisite dishes at TOCA. We ate well along the way.

Loved our hotel: Mummy in partIcular loved the design sensitivities of Hotel F6 – and meeting Runar.He was a bit territorial – totally understandable – I don’t think too many pooches invade his territory. He was curious about me for sure. I think maybe we might even become friends given a few more days … but days we didn’t have.

It was time to leave – to get back to George! Remember him, Little Ink Blot?

Our heads are filled with pretty sights, good food, amazing experiences and memories of friends.

And we had not realised how Far East Finland is – so we were pleasantly surprised to find out that a quick journey over to Tallinn was easily done. 

Now that we have done all the Scandinavian countries – where to next? Well, we just started in Estonia. The Baltic States? Helsinki may make a good hop off point – so maybe we’ll be back so – its NÄHDÄÄN MYÖHEMMIN!

May’s comment: It’s been a delightful visit on many aspects. I’ve only been on a one day stopover a gazillion years ago, so it’s lovely to properly discover a little more of it.

Most of all to share time with friends, Catarina and to meet new ones, Johanna and Myrsky.It’s always special sharing the new experience with Darcy. We have revisited places I’ve been to before.  Those places are special in that we see friends, I go down memory lane to make new memories with her. But to discover new places with a dog is not easy. There’s a lot of research required to find dog-friendly hotels, look for dog friendly places to eat, make vet appointment and timing them just right, wonder about public transportation – will the taxis take dogs or not, can they go in buses – or just walk. I always end up bringing her a tote bag just in case she needs to be carried in certain situations.  So the luggage which would otherwise be just one roller bag for me, ends up with another piece of heavy hand luggage – that has dog food, a collapsible bowl just in case and a bottle for her water for long train journeys. Even a coat in case it rains. Yes, we pack for two.

But I would never hesitate to do it again. I have more fun travelling with her.  Sometimes she forces me to do things I otherwise wouldn’t do like find a park, go for walks at different times of the day. She is also very much an ice-breaker and makes it easier to connect with people. And I can’t say it enough – she’s a very good traveller.

Just wanted to share these amazing visuals from the Amos Rex Museum Light Installation –

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  1. Kathy

    Those lights are just beautiful! I love seeing from your journey!

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