Walk the Talk

We left Helsinki and began our twelve-hour journey home.

Taxi to Helsinki Airport Checking in for our flightI walked through security all on my ownThe crew was so happy to see me. And once again, we were in Amsterdam!Said hello to the elephants before catching a train to Schiedam and then a bus to Hoek van Holland before the dreaded ferry across to England.  Why dreaded? This is the only part of the journey when I am not with Mummy.

We managed to get one of the larger kennels in Kennel B – and Mummy crawled in with me for a cuddle.  She did say she will always be by my side – so she was just doing what she said she would do.But I know she wouldn’t be staying with me all night. I stayed up for quite a while before I laid down.

After a night of smooth sailing, we arrived at Harwich International, and then a train ride to London before a taxi to home. Now we await or George to come home from Stanley’s.

May’s comment: Home again. Been a lovely trip. Waiting for George to come home and we’re back to normal again.


  1. Cheryl

    That was an amazing trip. You are so adventurous, and Darcy is the perfect travel companion! I throughly enjoyed all your photos and your commentary!

  2. Jill Keiser

    Learned so much about the cities and the sights through your travels! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Karen

    I also enjoyed taking the journey with you. I hope one day my spoo Maggi will be able to travel so freely on public transport with me and the family. Australia is a little behind the rest of the world in this regard.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Cheryl and Susie

    Following your adventures has made me more confident when holidaying with Susie in this country to ask at restaurants/ cafes if they are dog friendly. Love reading about your travels.

  5. Laura Cordovano

    May I have always admired your travel adventures pre Darcy. But travels with her take it to a whole new level. She is so incredibly well behaved and the two of you are the perfect travel mates! Your heart is so open now along with your impeccable style and taste which has always been there. Just fantastic! Xo

    • Miss Darcy

      Love you Laura. One of my destinations is to get her to LA and we can do Malibu together – no fine dining just walking the streets the beach and some shopping. That’s a dream.

  6. Sandy

    You have some lovely adventures ?

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