Black is beautiful

To all my black dog friends – today is National Black Dog Day! An awareness day for all black dogs.

Stats show that black dogs, no matter breed, size, gender or age are usually overlooked during adoption. But obviously not all hoomans feel the same way and we are proud to know many black dog owners who bucked the trend.

Here are our beautiful friends who are loved for who they are …

Maisy and Mac – part-time London and part-time Dorset doodles.

Lisa always had dogs. This time she wanted black pups – and along came Mac and Maisy.

Lola in Rutland

She chose Millie and it was happy ever after.

Ted, our London Hyde Park Doodle friend

Ted is a Battersea rescue.

Our newest neighbour and a gent – Kingston came from the same breeder in Wales as my sister.

Kingston is 12 and Darcy, 8 are from the same breeder.

Dante, once a Hyde Park Doodle but now a Camber Sands doodle!

He has an apricot doodle sis who came from Doodle Aid.

Hebe, who was also once a London poo and now lives in Dorset

Hebe was once an only-dog but she now shares her home with Blaze.

Along with Blaze who was a Doodle Aid rescue.

He was given up for behaviourial issues but he now leads the life of a country gent – and no issues.

And Krolle (Curly) from Norway! He’s a Londoner for now.

Krolle is a Shih-Tzu Poodle cross.

Petite Bruno who came from far away Tasmania and now resides in London/Richmond – after Singapore and a stint in NYC.

Bruno was a reject – born to a family of toy poodle show dogs, but his testes never dropped so he was of no use to the breeder. He was adopted by Tammy and now leads a jet set life – he loves to travel and appreciates art.

Another rescue is Belinha, once abandoned on the streets of Rio.

She was left on the steps of the Favelas and Teresa picked her up and 12.5 years later she is very much a Londoner.

We met lovely Myrsky from Finland a couple of years ago.

Myrsky is a labradoodle and he was mesmerised by Darcy when they met!

And of course there’s me – the Hungarian refugee!

And I am now a Londoner! You know my story.

We are all loved by our hoomans. They chose us and sometimes we chose them – without their knowing. If you know us, you know we are as capable of learning, loving and as beautiful in and out like dogs of other shades.

Yes, we may be difficult to photograph – but hey! look at all these beautiful photos of us.

May’s comment: First of October is National Black Dog Day awareness day.

It encourages the adoption of a dog in the darker shades. Black dogs are less likely to be adopted for no other reason than their coloring. Regardless of behaviour, size, breeding, personality or age, the phenomenon persists. (National Black Dog Day)

National Black Dog Day was founded by pet lifestyle expert and author Colleen Paige.

I am proud to have my own. And I confess he has changed my own perception.

When I was looking for number 2 – my specification was to rescue a white Cockapoo girl. The Universe works in mysterious ways and I am sure that “white Cockapoo girl” would have stolen my heart too. But the Universe thought I had another lesson to learn after opening my heart to Darcy. For George not only made me love in a way I had not known how – for he was not the one everyone gravitated to – in fact he was not adopted nor fostered and Hungary Hearts Dog Rescue had asked a favour of me – can you foster him or he would not been allowed on the journey over. Could I foster him till they find him a home? He was unspoken for. I hesitated. He was a skanky little black dog. But at first meeting, he had me at hello – and took me by surprise. It didn’t take me long to see the little guy in him. He gave me a chance to look beyond the first impression. He gave me a chance to look deeper at his face, and to look into his eyes and see the soul behind them.

And what a character he is and how much love he has given to so many.

All dogs are beautiful in their own ways. Look beyond colour. See the love, their needs, and open your heart.


  1. Cheryl

    That last photo says it all! Love!?❤️?

  2. Jan & Peter

    Hi May
    When we went to choose ours nearly 3 years ago we wanted a golden Cockapoo but they had already been chosen.
    We could have walked away but instead this little bundle of black fluff came up to us and our hearts were stolen.
    Nearly 3 years later wouldn’t change her for the world.

  3. Jill Keiser

    I have two black doggies and am the happiest of all dog owners!

  4. Thanks for featuring Belinha! When I found her, I had no idea about the stigma for black dogs – now I do, I think it makes them even more special. Black is definitely beautiful we say!


    Thank you for the lovely stories of the Beautiful Black Dogs, I love their names, and they all look fabulous, and the photos are really super. I love George’s silky coat, and shiny tresses, he has the sweetest shiny nose. As you say, The Universe often has plans for us, and knows better than us what is needed.

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