Come rain or shine …

The die-hards! 26 doodles were not put off by the dismal weather forecast.

There must be treats!
Well hello Winston!
Whatcha doin’ Wins? Where’s you bro?
So happy you are still smiling, Teddy despite the weather.

But we will miss you lots!

Fred with daddy.

We spot the two London poos!

Hello Oscar!


And newcomer Lychee!

And they were off playing!

Look at clever Lychee!

And wherever there are treats, …

You can be sure my comrade, Fred will be there. LOL!

Meet Bella Butternutter!

Cool Brewster
Sweet Bella.

Another newcomer – Jinji and Elissa from America.

And we had visitors from Michigan.

And returns! Cara and Mossy haven’t been in a long while but they were there!

What rainy weather forecast? Twenty six doodles and their hoomans came to play!!!

There were 26 doodles! Bella was late and didn’t make the group photo!

But we weren’t there. Mum was keeping her foot dry. George is with Jaffa in the countryside. And I was out and about with my friends for a walk and a natter at the House of Mutt.

Having my own doodle meet.

But we cannot wait to be back next month to meet our new friends …

And get all dressed up for Halloween!!!

But we will miss you Teddy and Noura. You have been so much a part of our group for so many years.

You’re bigger than life, little Ted. Enjoy your new life but please keep in touch.

May’s comment: Missed everyone! Visitors from the US, new doodles and most of all not saying goodbye to one of our old timers. Noura and Ted have been there almost since the beginning of our meets. We will miss you.

Our next Hyde Park Doodle meet on the 27th October will be Halloween-themed. Come and join the party – and we will have prizes for the best dressed doods!

We will send out a reminder early enough so you can sort out their Halloween costumes, bandanas or whatever they will wear.


  1. Cheryl

    It was so fun to see all the doodles! We certainly got our doodle fix! I do think the Hyde Park Doodle meet up will be the best part of this trip to London! I’m pretty sure Freddie has a piece of my husband’s heart! He thought Freddie was just so animated and cute!
    I’m so sorry we missed Darcy, George and you! Hopefully we’ll be back and I’ll plan it around a doodle meet!
    Hope your foot heals quickly and completely!


    It certainly looks like they all had a wonderful time. I like Cool Brewster with his ‘man bun’. I love all of them naturally, such fine crowd of Oodles of Doodles and their wonderful owners. Hope your foot is getting easier May, I would imagine Darcy and George may have another wardrobe with Halloween outfits tucked away somewhere, most possibly a shopping trip planned for the occasion. Darcy looks happy with her friends, and I hope George hasn’t been going ‘run about’ and disappearing. The time is passing now, and it won’t be long before you are all back together again. Cheerio for now. xxx

    • Miss Darcy

      I miss their presence but I am glad it has been these two weeks when it is pouring with rain every day! I don’t miss not walking them in the wet.

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