A Mr. Darcy I will never meet

For my 7th birthday in February, Mummy told all my friends not to bring any pressies – I already have a basket full of toys that I do not play with, and Mummy is fussy about my treats.Instead we asked our friends to give towards a charity that we have been looking into – Dogs Trust Sponsor a Dog.

These are dogs that have issues and who they’ve tried to rehome without success. As Dogs Trust has a no kill policy, means these dogs will spend the rest of their lives in one of the Dogs Trust centres. They need as much loving as we lucky poos with hooman parents. So we decided this is one way to give back.

We collected in total £320 from the partee!!!

So one day, Mummy and I sat down and scrolled through the Dogs Trust website to see how we can find a dog to sponsor.  There were so many faces and then lo and behold, there’s a Mr. Darcy!We contacted the charity and inquired about him. He is a Collie Cross and he too is 7 years old!!!And this is what they told us about him –

Mr Darcy was picked up as a stray and came into our care in 2012. He has a neurological problem and an old fracture to his right hind leg which means he can be a little bit wobbly on his feet. Since being with us, Mr Darcy has been rehomed twice but has been returned each time due to his behavioural issues such as car chasing. He also becomes frustrated and grabs hold of clothing or arms and shakes them which can cause injury. Luckily the Centre staff know him really well and are able to keep him calm and help him learn to cope with things that might frustrate him. His carers also take him and his doggy pals on special trips out to surrounding parks which he loves, particularly when they stop in a shop and he can choose his own treat or toy!”

And that was how we decided to sponsor Mr. Darcy with an initial donation from me and my friends. And we have committed to helping him with an annual donation – to be given on my birthday each year.

We’re also sending him a care package – to share one of my many toys that I hardly ever play with, some treats and one of my blankets. Maybe he will smell my scent and get my message for him –

Stay well Mr. Darcy. We will probably never meet but we share the same name, and we’re about the same age. I wish you a good life now that you’re in the care of those people who have dedicated their lives to make ours better.”

We don’t know if we will ever meet him as he’s in Loughborough and these dogs are usually kept out of sight from so our presence would not bother them. Maybe Mummy might get to see him. If not, they will send us photos and update us three times a year.

May’s comment: To all our friends who have kindly donated towards our cause – THANK YOU!

We are now a sponsor of Mr. Darcy – who is lucky enough to have carers at Dogs Trust to care for him for the rest of his life.I first learnt about these dogs when I visited a Dogs Trust Centre near London. When I was shown around the centre, looking at all the pooches that needed a home, in the distance I could hear some barking dogs.  I was told about their fate. So glad that they are in a place with kind humans to take care of them till the end of their days – that they will experience kindness and be cared for, though they will never have a home to live in and no sofa to lie on, or be able to cuddle up in bed.

On that note, the other thing I’d like to mention is – if you have an old sofa or an armchair you want to get rid of – those doggies would love to have them in their kennels. They can finally sit on a comfy sofa or chair. They can also use cushions and blankets. You can call them and I think they come around to collect them.  Hmmm. Good reason to get a new sofa! 🙂


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    What a lovely thing to do.❤️ It’s so sad that Mr Darcy has problems, he has such a sweet face. I’m sure he will appreciate your thoughtfulness.🐾🐾🐾

  2. Anna Willard

    What a lovely idea for your birthday. Funnily enough we signed up for the same scheme this week whilst in London – our dog is not Mr Darcy but it is a great scheme❤

  3. Julie Entwistle

    Thank you. Great way to support our furry friends

  4. Margaret Danks

    I give to 3 small independent dog rescues. It warms my heart to know that in a small way I am helping a dog who is not as lucky as Maggiedog 🐾❤️

    • Miss Darcy

      That’s exactly why we do it. We have fortunate dogs and there are so many others who due to not their fault cannot be rehomed.

  5. Kathy Shoulders

    What a wonderful idea!! Mr Darcy is adorable! I’m so glad he will be taken of. Every animal deserves to be taken care of. Too bad he can’t have home of is own. You are so such a wonderful person May! Bless you!

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