Never mind, let’s go shopping

When Little Tyke and Mini Tyke took off yesterday, Mummy’s day just seemed a tad empty – so she thought to fill up that gap, we’ll catch up with some shopping.

She wanted to get away from our neighbourhood, so we drove up to Notting Hill to browse the stores on Westbourne Grove …IMG_6367We stopped in at Joseph. And while Mummy was trying on some clothes, IMG_6377the staff were all over us!!!! IMG_6380Hilarious!  They loved our soft coats and said how nice we smell!

It seemed every shop we went into along Westbourne Grove, loved seeing us, but nothing beats Joseph so far.

We then turned into Ledbury Road to go to the other super dog-friendly storeIMG_6384We were immediately greeted by the staffIMG_6386But I followed Mummy to the back and thought I’d take a seatIMG_6388 And waitIMG_6389 And then everyone came to say how good I was to be so patientIMG_6390 It was non-stop pettingIMG_6392 And we continued to waitIMG_6394Anything to make Mummy a little happier.

May’s comment: A little distraction to get away from the usual places I take Sasha on our regular walks. Feeling sad so thought I’ll make myself happy and tried on a Roland Mouret dress – have always wanted to wear one.  Thank you gall bladder – you helped make it possible. LOL!IMG_6372At the end of the day’s adventure, trying to get back to norm now that Sasha has left, I returned home and watched his latest favourite DVD – The Rise of the Guardians. Someone suggested I showed that to him to undo the harm I had done by telling him there are no fairies. I don’t think it worked … unfortunately. I think he is wise beyond his years. He was just playing along with me. He will gladly take the money that the tooth-fairy left him. And accept all the presents from Father Christmas, and eat the chocolate eggs from the Easter bunny.  He knows it is all make-believe.  I was not clued-in that I have to tell him all bad things are not real and all good things are real. Too late. LOL!


  1. Barbara Kingston

    You look stunning in that dress! Hope you bought it and that your fur babies approve.

  2. Margaret Danks

    You look fabulous in that dress May. And oh my days…the shoes! Nothing like a bit of retail therapy when you are feeling blue.

  3. Sharon

    Gorgeous dress May, you look stunning.

  4. Cheryl

    You and that dress are gorgeous!! Hope it came home with you!

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