New Headlines

Well, I guess something different from the usual these days.

To my detriment! But if it helps to lighten the mood, I guess it’s ok.

They didn’t even interview me! Someone obviously knows me really well, really, really well.

Actually it is a belated birthday present from my beau, Mr. Barnaby.

May’s comment: We told everyone no pressies for Darcy because she doesn’t need any more clothes and she doesn’t play with any toys. So clever Julie got Darcy something for her mum! A tea towel from

Thank you Julie and Barnaby – a very practical and very appropriate gift!


  1. Cheryl

    That is a fabulous gift! Practical, yet so cute!
    Oh, and Miss D, I do think you would share with someone truly in need!

  2. Sara Cormack

    How brilliant! Harsh but true Miss Darcy, say all those that know and love you!xxx


    Brilliant, love the Tea-Towel Gift…well done Darcy, taking one for the team so to speak…you are one in a million. So, you have a beau Darcy, first I’ve heard, you can put the Tea-Towel in your bottom drawer, hope your Mum has got you a bottom drawer for when you tie the knot. xxx Cheerio for now

  4. Valerie

    May…that is a fantastic idea! Take care you three!

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