Adhering to new rules

We kept our two metre distance when waiting to check out at our local Prezzemolo & Vitale (P&V) Italian grocers.

Look guys! There is plenty of food!

So much that there are not enough shelf space!

They’ve even started stocking toilet paper!!!! Of course, they are an Italian brand (Tempo) – not Andrex Puppy on a roll!

But Mum, she stocked up on chocolates.

These are the “essential places” that are still open, but there are new rules …

Doing our part – standing two metres apart at check out at the allocated spots.

They also had a security guard at the store front to make sure shoppers were adhering to the social distancing rules.

And yes, they allow dogs inside the grocers.

Most other places have signs about closing due to COVID-19 …

After each walk we would head on home – there’s nowhere else to go. Back to #StayingHometoSaveLives!

May’s comment: On our daily three walks (it’s suppose to be one walk a day), we check to see what’s still happening in the neighbourhood. London is thankfully quieter. Majority of the people are practising social distancing. When we walk along the streets, we respect each other’s space. When possible we cross over to the other side of the road when we see another person coming towards us. It’s not personal. We understand the reasons why.

Back in our flat, I am usually sat at the dining table in front of my laptop. I look out on the courtyard and occasionally you see children coming out to play – by themselves or with a parent, to release some energy. At other times, we see older folks who are supposed to be in self-isolation taking a walk around the courtyard – but none of them convene in any way. You know everyone is at home but you hardly see anyone all day – except for delivery men! They’re very busy!

However, last night when the nation collectively participated in #clapfourourcarers – we saw our neighbours!!! At exactly 20.00 our courtyard erupted with applause – like the rest of the UK – to say thank you to the NHS staff – all the doctors, nurses, carers, volunteers on the frontline helping those affected by #COVID19.

It was beautiful, it was emotional … and I am sure I wasn’t the only one tearing up.

The eruption of sound was that of a pent-up collective appreciation we have for our healthcare workers which was also evidenced by over 500,000 volunteers to help out in the coming weeks.

And seeing the mansion block come alive with people as they opened their windows and stood at the balconies altogether applauding the NHS staff but acknowledging that we are all in this together.

At some of the darkest moments is when we see the most beautiful in humanity.

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    Beautiful heartfelt comments May. Thank you for keeping us entertained with your lovely stories and fabulous photos. I see people keep reminding you to keep safe, please take extra care at this time. Cheerio for now xxx

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