• IMG_5003Aunty May-Mei
  • IMG_4774Freya
  • IMG_4783Freya and Claudia
  • IMG_4802Sharon
  • IMG_4824Rebekah and Miles
  • IMG_4958Craig
  • IMG_4997David
  • IMG_5008Barbara
  • IMG_5051Cousin Molly
  • IMG_5057Irina
  • IMG_5060Jessica
  • IMG_5063Robert
  • IMG_5064Adelina
  • IMG_5086Anna
  • IMG_5097Cristina

New York, New Friends

These are some of Mummy’s friends I’ve met whilst there – lots of others not captured on film – Aidan, Leslie, Jaclyn, Amy, etc, etc. Some of them came to visit us in London.



  1. Jonathan

    Dear Miss Darcy

    It looks awfully like Adelina and you might be sitting on the bench outside where I get my juice every day on Madison Avenue when I am in the city… Serafina. Can this be true? Hey ho. Hope all well with you and Mummy and I enjoy your diary every day (although I found the whole bath/bed experience yesterday or the day before perhaps the eensiest bit too graphic for me).

    Love from all at Honey’s

    • Miss Darcy

      Yes, it is Adelina – we went to Serafina’s before going to Central Park. She wants a dog just like me … when her kids are old enough to walk the pooch. Sorry that my New York experience was too much for you … but that was what happened to me in doggy world. x

  2. I loved our picture in NYC!!! The next picture in London. Love and kisses

  3. Dearest Darcy

    What a pleasure it was to visit you in NYC. I shall always treasure the memory of walking across the Brooklyn Bridge with you. Melissa and I look forward to seeing you in London in September!! Hugs!! Meg

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