A Stray No More

Fletcher was once upon a time a stray. In the cold winter days of February this year, he was found running around a dual carriageway that was near a big council estate.

He was probably confused. What happened to those people who I thought loved me and where I thought was home.  Why did they leave me outside with no food and no warmth – he thought.

Someone spotted him and called the Cheltenham Animal Shelter. They caught him and brought him to the shelter but they could not find any identification on him. He was terribly matted and had chronic ear infections. They figured he was only about a year old.10271539_10152451755885520_753760442672481695_nNo one came to claim him and after a few weeks, he needed to be rehomed …


And this is where his happy ending began.

Along came a wonderful family with two children. They fell in love with him instantly and after they had home checks done, etc. he went home with them.

Since then, Fletcher’s been groomed, no more ear infection …


and just being a goofy, kooky cockapoo!

Seriously, how can anyone let this little kooky dog out in the cold to fend for himself. He’s only a pup and he didn’t know anything about the big world of humans with fast cars and no food.

10366059_10152451756185520_1595728394131487293_nSo BIG thank you Fi and family for giving Fletcher a forever home!

May’s comment: Another rescue story that warms our hearts.  The thought of little Fletcher running around out there in the cold, hungry and no one wanted him in their home. Heartbreaking thinking about him, So many out there that needs a home.  When the time is right, I know my own “Fletcher” will come home to me and Darcy.  For now, just happy that Fletcher has found himself a lovely home.


  1. Julia Bates

    Aww poor boy glad he’s found a loving family. He’s so cute x

  2. What a gorgeous blog for our wonderful Fletcher who has given more to us than we could have possibly imagined. Thank you Darcy for writing such a sweet story on our bundle of fluff & fun!! Sending lots of Cockapoo Hugs from Fletcher Burge, who’s no longer a stray but a happy cheeky little chap who loves cuddles, walks and tonnes of love!!

  3. Maggie

    Oh my goodness. I can’t believe the story. Who in their right minds could do such a wicked thing? he is such a cutie. I am so glad that he has found such a loving new family. he looks just like our Sealea Blue, except he is brown. It does not beat thinking about what could have happened. thank you thank you to Fi and new family. he will more than reward you, if he hasn’t already. Xxx

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