I believe I can fly

I smell fresh air, foliage green and lots of interesting animal scents … my nose is twitching furiously.IMG_8043 This is what I normally look likeIMG_8031But when I put my head out the window – this is me wind blown … I couldn’t open my eyes at firstIMG_8026 Then slowly, I peeked …IMG_8028And now eyes wide open!  And my Dumbo ears …. I think I can fly!!!IMG_8029I love the wind in my face, in my ears – Mummy on the other hand was clinging onto me for fear that I would jump out. Seriously, would I leave my Mummy? Well, unless there’s a rabbit or squirrel to chase – you know those country roads – very enticing.

May’s comment: Always scares the hell out of me whenever she gets so excited – clambering out the window to feel the wind in her face. Clinging onto her – would she really jump out the window? I don’t know but I don’t trust her.  I know that if we are driving through Hyde Park, I think she would jump out of the car if she could because she knows where she is.


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  1. Quincy

    Darcy you look beautiful with the wind blowing your hair! But beware of wind in a car at high speeds for prolonged periods, it can hurt your eyes since our eyeballs are more exposed than humans. You need “Doggles”!

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