No need to win Crufts to be painted by Sara!

When Crufts 2018 winter, Tease the Whippet won Best in Show, he also won a portrait by Sara Abbott. Yup! By our friend and amazing artist, Sara –

We may not look so regal and no prizes to show off for our looks, but Sara still captured our likeness.Mummy chose this pose for mine as she loves the way I look up to her and wanted to capture that special moment.

And George was painted just two years ago after he had bulked up, regained all the colouring on his lips and didn’t look like a straggly stray. And again, it’s all in his eyes – the very look that engages people.In fact, he has the Mona Lisa look that no matter where you are in the room, he’s looking at you.

We feel so honoured that Sara had painted our portraits and stands out proudly amongst our growing collection.I think Mummy might have bequeathed all of them to The Kennel Club! LOL! Wonder what they would do with them. They do have an art collection of pedigrees! LOL!

One of our friends, Lola, won the raffle prize from our Christmas party last year and she’s getting her portrait done by Sara! Lucky her!

Like all her pieces of work, this one of Tease captures him beautifully!

May’s comment: I met Sara Abbott when she was exhibiting her work at the then Harrod’s Pet Kingdom. I used to think it was daft to have portraits of your pet but when I saw her paintings, I was captivated by them – they captured the soul of the animal through their eyes.

After The Pet’s Kingdom was dissolved under new Harrods management, and Sara eventually painted Darcy back in 2014 after she took pictures of Darcy when we were at Crufts that year.  Sara also supports a lot of dog charities through her work. She donates £100 per commission for a canvas, and £25 for a loose sketch to a charity that she chooses to support every six-months.

When she painted Darcy, the donation went to Nowzad.The Nowzad Dogs charity was named after the first dog from “Now Zad” that came home with Royal Marine Sargeant Pen Farthing. Since then the charity has grown from just bringing to the UK for soldiers who have befriended dogs while on duty there to establishing the first veterinarian practice in Afghanistan.

While she was in Yorkshire, she also supported a smaller charity – West Yorkshire Dog Rescue. We met Kathy who runs that charity.And more recently, Sara had been supporting DOTS – Dogs on the Street (London) – which prompted us to be involved in the charity too.

Sara even did some street art. She drew this one of  Ty, on the pavement where he lives.Because of Sara bringing the awareness to us, our friends got together last Christmas and we raised money for this very worthy cause because those dogs who live on the streets also needs caring. And someone is out there looking out for them and their owners.

She is currently supporting Chilterns Dog Rescue Society – established over 50 years now and have re-homed over 20,000 dogs in that time. It sounds amazing, right? But sad that they are still needed in this day and age. It seems nothing has changes in 50 years.

So I suppose, sometimes I feel guilty splurging on my fur babies – and it feels right to give back to fellow pooches.


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  1. Thank you Miss Darcy, George and May for sharing my painting of Tease with your friends and what a lovely reminder of some of the animal rescue friends we’ve made along the way – Sara xxx

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