It’s Dandruff Day

That’s not the reason why we’re wearing Mummy’s bobble hat.

That’s what Mummy calls it when it’s snowing – because the snowflakes on George looks like he’s go dandruff! LOL!Better put the hat on, George!Alas! It is to big for him.

And maybe too big for me too.Ahhh, maybe it might work?Mummy says – No Way! That’s my favourite hat! Besides, you have your own.

But, Mummy, ours are a bit small on us – it squashes my fringe My ears look like ponytails. Not a good look. And George looks like he has a toothache!Mini Beast from the East was back for the weekend. Just when we thought it was going to be spring, came the snow. It was just flakes in the morning …

But it was cold! Wowwee!

It felt like Spring on Friday and then … well, we stayed home.By nightfall, there was snow on the ground.Sigh! Just when we thought the blossoms were just appearing.May’s comment: Be careful what you wish for. Always love it when it snows, have been wishing for that ever elusive White Christmas in London. We went searching for it in the Arctic Circle – and ticked off our bucket list. Even went to the mountains in Feb for the first time in ten years – and then whoa!!! The Beast from the East came in full force at the end of Feb and Mini Beast visited this weekend.  Thank goodness I haven’t taken my winter coat to the dry cleaners yet. Might need it for another week till I get to hot, hot, hot climate and can’t wait to return to cooler climes!

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