Not Happy

Mummy’s got her Bee Happy mug but I am NOT happy today.  For two reasons …

It is pouring down rain and I generally do not like going out when it is even slightly sprinkling.

And because I just had a grooming after our long journey back from Wales, Mummy thought I needed extra protection for my fluffed up look.

So not only did she put on the Equafleece that I do not like but on top she added a hooded raincoat! Do I look ridiculous – YES!


So I refused to walk. She managed to get me around the block but I still could not do my constitution. When it rains, I can’t focus.

Oh well! I guess if I have to I will go to the bathtub. Mummy’s not amused but cest la vie.


May’s comment: Where did all those training pads go?!?! They’re long gone and I guess I will have to rely on her to use the bathtub! Or go out as soon as it stops raining.


  1. Ann

    A large litter tray with turf in would be handy:)
    A place inside would be good on horrible rainy days x

  2. Nicola

    A down at heart poo is a thing to behold.. such sadness. It’s a lovely day out there now though: a quick trip around the block?

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