Now what?

Follow-up visit at the vets today and the diagnosis after the x-rays are…

No chipped bone or fracture at all. As we’ve learnt, the torn ligaments happened over time.  Though not completely gone, there’s nothing left to hold the femur and tibia in place. They are misaligned which explains why I’ve been hobbling. But now and then when they click back into place, I am walking fine.  If nothing is done, scar tissue will grow and that will help to hold the bones in place but in the long-term, arthritis will develop.

When it happens to big dogs, they must have surgery. Little dogs like me can get away with it – if we choose not to do anything. It looks like Mum’s decided it’s best for me to have surgery … WAAAAH!

Looking into going to the Royal Vet College Hospital in January to repair my CCL.

My lovely sister, Missy Darcy came along for “support”. Really? While in the waiting room, she kept running into the vet’s surgery whenever one of the dogs came out. Never has there been a dog so keen to see the vet. Well, we all know why. She goes inside and immediately sits on the weighing machine expecting a treat.Thankfully she’s weighing in at 9.65kg. Or she would be denied of any treats!!!!

May’s comment: There’s always one in the family. Sigh! George may be the cutest little black rescue dog ever and a real tough cookie. He comes “deformed” in a few ways. He is bow-legged in the front which could lead to some other form of ailment later in life.  He has a loose rib. He has warts that keeps appearing all over his body. He recently had conjunctivitis because whoever was taking care of him did not clean his eyes. His tear-ducts like most small dogs are not fully developed so he tears up and had gung in his eyes. His teeth have been bad due to his horrible diet early on in life and the bad breath to go with it. They’re better now after having to pull out eight teeth in total and eating raw. And now this.

But funny this worrying thing – it awakens your heart more. It breaks my heart to see him hobbling around. Never a complain, and a tough cookie, I’ve seen how in the past week, he has changed somewhat. He’s a lot quieter though he never stopped playing even though it’s a lot tougher to run around carry big toys in his mouth on three legs – the balancing is a bit off. He never complains, his enthusiasm for life has not changed and he is still a charmer. Not sure how he will manage to do his begging trick after his op.

But now I feel justified for keeping George on the leash. His recent escapades and his lack of anger management almost saw his early demise. Now we have a very legit reason to be on leash.

And we can’t wait to move to our group floor flat!!! No need to do stairs for the both of us! LOL!


  1. Annie Davies

    Hoping he gets well soon.Hes certainly had a rough start.Is he perhaps a suitable patient for Professor Noel Fitzpatrick ?( Supervet )

    • Miss Darcy

      I don’t think the insurance policy covers them. Already when I asked for the Royal Vet our vet says – sure but they usually send the severe cases to them! LOL! Might be a bit extreme to send him to Fitzpatrick’s.

  2. Rita Betteridge

    Aww poor gorgeous George, at least you have a solution and it will be tough for him not being able to do tricks over Christmas….but hey ho he’ll soon recover he’s one very tough little cookie. Xx

  3. Cheryl

    Oh George! You are such a sweet pup, I’m so sorry you are having such terrible issues! I will keep you in my prayers! I also think Santa needs to bring you extra toys and treats this year.

  4. Jill Keiser

    Are you planning to have George’s surgery before Christmas? He can recover with all the lovely Christmas decorations surrounding him to keep up his spirits!

  5. Liz Burman

    Poor little George. However, he’ll be as good as new after he’s recovered from his surgery.❤️❤️

  6. Kathy Shoulders

    It’s always amazing to me how tough our four legged babies are. They don’t complain and still love life. We have so much to learn from them. I am so grateful that little George has you May now to take care and love him.

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