It’s been a Doodley year!

Today we had the 11th Hyde Park Doodle Meet of 2018.
We had such a lovely time today –

when 19 of our friends joined usL-R: Bella (cavapoo), Lola, Colette (Coton du Tullerie), George (aka Mutt), Ivy (toy cockapoo), Daisy, Archie, Rusty, Oscar (toy cockapoo), Poppi (toy cockapoo), Darcy, Theo (Cavachon), Floyd (Labradoodle), Bowie (Goldendoodle), Archie, Oggy (Cavapoo), Uka (Cocker), Winston (Poochon)

One escapee: George He didn’t want anyone to take his sticks so he didn’t get in the photo.

There were doodle dashes.

There were big ones, our two rock stars – Floyd and Bowie! 🙂

and the littlest ones!Meet Oscar and Poppi! Herat stealers!And Ivy led the gang of little onesA puppy herself, IvyIs full of beans!And then came Winston – as Daisy checked out this handsome dood!And his bro, Theo was twinning with his mum in bright orange! Couldn’t miss him! So Archie went to say hello!
Archie likes Theo!Floyd liked his sticksAnd George was still at it!Woohoo! There’s Bella!Her mum was cool – she had treats for everyone!Our little George aka The Mutt was at first free to run aroundBut he soon got the sniff of Oscar’s bitsAnd he was quickly on the leashHe wasn’t happy about it but he was also limping 
But he was never short of attention It was best he was heldSometimes the little ones get a little lost – like Colette!We think the happiest were the hoomans!
Archie, Lola and me going to the treat lady!We even had a birthday boy! Archie’s one today!  And Mum forgot cake! 🙁

As for me, I looked around at all these young ones – and thought about those early years when my friends and I would do doodle dashes. We’re all grown up now, more serious about life – like RustyWe’ve discovered that there are other things to chase besides each other.  Like squirrels.But we’re glad that the young ones are getting a chance to play and chase each other. For one day soon, they too will grow up – and maybe not as serious as me, but they too will stop chasing each other.

And so that was the last Hyde Park Doodle Meet for 2018! We’ll see you next year!

Mum said one of her new year’s resolutions will be to remember the names of the hoomans! LOL! She somehow managed to remember the names of all the poos but alas, not the owners.

And HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY Archie!!!! Mum was going to get treats but she’s a little overwhelmed with Christmas these days – and that’s even before the mulled wine!

May’s comment: A year has passed. Eleven doodle meets later – so many new friends along the way. And ever so many photos. We won’t have a meet in December – as the last Sunday will be the 30th.  A lot of us be away, and the Sunday before is the 23rd Dec. We will have our first meet of 2019 on the 6th January – so we can all wish each other Happy New Year!

Came home after the meet, and decided to have a little Christmas at home … First mince pies. Panettone’s ready. Advent wreath is ready for next Sunday. Bit by bit, the Christmas decorations are coming out of the boxes …

P.S. If I’ve mistaken given you poo a different name, so sorry! I couldn’t see the faces of a few of them.


  1. Alison Wood

    Thankyou for organising such a lovely meet. Ivy loved having so many poos to chase ?

  2. Annie phillips

    Please please be so careful of your fur babies chewing sticks, some wonderful friends on our lost their beloved guide dog because he got part of a stick stuck in his throat, the vet told them this sadly happens so often.

  3. Hannah

    Thank you for a lovely morning! So wonderful to meet you all & your doods!! Have a wonderful Christmas and see you all in the new year!! Xx

  4. Sara Cormack

    A wonderful morning with everyone. A little too much exercise for me having to race after Colette! I love your coats May you have designed them beautifully! Happy Christmas everyone?

    • Miss Darcy

      LOL! That Colette – just being social!
      Thanks! One day I will manage to get them produced and sold! 🙂

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