Time for Number 3?

Well, Mum’s been thinking about number three for awhile – and kept it quiet because she didn’t want to go through the whole process and have people telling her not to.

You know how she always says – “I only have two dogs because there’s room for one more.” And we love having Jaffa come to stay, and Barnaby sometimes and of course Charlie. She has learnt to manage and walk three dogs.

She would love another cockapoo might be too much work – I am big enough for her – she always wished I would be smaller for our travel purposes.

Besides she also has zig-zagging George to deal with. And thankfully George will be fully recovered by the time of the next litter.

So when she met Sydney, she fell in love. Pocket-size, so cute, hypoallergenic – to be honest she had considered a Coton du Tulear till she met this little fluff ball.

So Mum’s been speaking to Sydney’s owner to learn more about this breed she has never heard of – and we have found a U.K. breeder. So we are going to be a family of four – an apricot Cockapoo, a black Le Mutt and a white Mi-Ki. And with Mum, we are complete.

That will be how we will be as a family – a Mi-Ki, me and George – and then we can still have Jaffa or Barnaby to come stay every now and then.

What do you think? That means less travelling for me. Looks like the Mi-ki will be in a bag and off they go – leaving me and George behind.

Happy Mi-Ki Sydney!

Actually, let the truth be told. There’s only one Mi-ki in Mums life and that’s me – her very own Mickey!

It’s April Fool’s Day!

May’s comment: ADid we get you? LOL!!!!

Couldn’t think of a better way to introduce Sydney, the Mi-ki! He’s the first Mi-ki I’ve met and his Mum contributed the info about the breed:

The Mi-Ki is sweet natured, affectionate, friendly, playful and endearing.

This delightful little dog can weigh between 3lbs to 10lbs, (4lbs to 8 for US show standard).  Mi-ki come in a range of colours and they are low to non shedding delightful dogs and so can be considered hypoallergenic. Colours can change from puppy to adult. There are two varieties, bred within the same litter, long coat and smooth face (affectionately called “smoothies”). Smooth face Mi-Kis do not have full facial hair and body hair is shorter, more resemblance to a small Tibetan Spaniel.  

Happy, loving, playful, sweet, gentle and very engaging, Mi-Kis adore people of all ages and pets of all types. They are a companion dog so like to be with their pack, either their humans or fellow furry companions.   They are intelligent and eager to please and with early training can make them make well suited to therapy work.

They are relatively new to the dog world first bred about just over 30 years ago.  They were bred in the US from a combination of toy breeds over a time, which comprised of the Maltese, shih tzu, papillon, Japanese Chin, Tibetan Spaniel amongst a trace of others.  Established as a breed in 1992 they now have their own DNA marker so they can be breed tested and this has now been extended to breed tests in the U.K. (see the Mars Veterinary Wisdom Panel year).  There is a small growing population of Mi-kis in the U.K. and the U.K. and US are working together in their quest to help this wonderful little breed gain recognition in the dog world.  DNA and Health checks are completed to ensure the breed prospers healthily.

The Mi-ki has the ‘ah’ factor and if you should meet one they are sure to put a smile on your face.


  1. Rita and Gracie

    May,that was a clever April fool trick you certainly had my full attention. That little bundle of fluff is sooo cute but I think George would be a bit cross with you. 🤣🤣🙄. Xx

  2. Tracey & Sydney

    😂😂. Sydney thought he would have a play date lined up! Thanks for such a lovely charming article! You had us for a while 😂😂

  3. Sara Cormack

    Ha ha I was caught🤣.

  4. Cheryl

    Got me! AllI could think of was how would you travel with 3!
    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  5. Emma

    Haha! Totally had me fooled / had me so sad about you and George being left at home after such amazing adventures for the young upstart! Phew – pleased it’s not true x

  6. Jill Keiser

    I was totally taken in by your hoax! I forgot all about April Fool’s until I started reading the comments!

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