Oh, never mind!

Deep in concentration … I see a prey at bay. A squirrel that is.IMG_2134One small step at a time, quietly I move along …IMG_2135 Focus, focus, focus …IMG_2136 Er, what?!?!?!? IMG_2138That cocker spaniel stole my prize! Oh well, there will be others.IMG_2141Oh, and who’s this? Hello pug!IMG_2142He is the fastest running pug I’ve ever met!IMG_2143 And then there’s a cute cockapoo. Hmm, he wanted to play but his owner, not too sociable. In fact we met three other cockapoos earlier and none of them wanted to speak to us – which is very unlike cockapoo owners.IMG_2146May’s comment:  It’s always a sight to watch Darcy go on the hunt – never been successful in catching a squirrel and I hope never! She came close one time but I wonder if she just does it for fun and never really intends to catch them. So today was another hunting day.

She saw a squirrel and started to move slowly and patiently towards her prey. She was really focused and was stalking for almost a minute when a cocker spaniel ran right past her and chased the squirrel up a tree. Darcy just stopped, sat down and watched the activity that took place right before her eyes. She did not complain, she did not bark. She just let it go. And when a pug came up to her, she started playing and chasing the pug.  She knew there will be other squirrels – another time, another place. But now, the pug is more interesting.

Darcy teaches me lessons about everyday things.  When the opportunity slips away – it was not meant to be. Let it go, and continue living. There will be other opportunities.  Of course we humans will say, we must learn from it. Yes, learn but not dwell on the lost opportunity.


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