Visiting Windsor

Friends from all over the world have been dropping in to visit every weekend since mid-May.  Besides having fish-n-chips and High Tea with them, we’ve had a chance to play tourists too. Most of the time, Mummy and I have been left standing outside of these places as dogs are not allowed in.

This week we have Stefania and Benedetta from Milano! And today we went to Windsor so they can visit the castle.

IMG_1983 Me, afraid of escalators so Mummy has to carry me.IMG_1992 We arrived at Paddington Statiton with time to spare so Mummy gulped down her croissant while I followed her every bite in earnest.IMG_1999 Here we are – the whole entourage just outside of Windsor Castle. We did speak to one of the staff about dogs not allowed in given that dogs do live in the castle. Wink! Wink! We agreed we should write the Queen and ask her that. Maybe she might make an exception. 🙂IMG_2002 That’s Stefania and Benedetta and then Ellen and Kai visiting from Dubai and then us!  We sent them off on their tour before we headed off on our way.

We walked towards the Windsor and Eton bridge.  IMG_2080The river view is rather pretty.IMG_2013 Crikey! That’s a lot of swans! They’re not very nice – always hisses at me even when I am a good distance away.IMG_2014We went to a lovely little gift shop called Hush and Mummy bought a vase before we walked onto some green fields.  And we saw there were lots of dogs running around – but the first one that came to say hello was a cockapoo!!!IMG_2016Let’s do the doodle dash! IMG_2017Mummy was throwing balls for me in this wide open field.IMG_2021And along the way I met these two Labradoodles and a Poodle who were very curious about meIMG_2026This is MaxIMG_2025 This is Marvin. Max and Marvin are half-brothers – same mother but different fathers. 😉 IMG_2030And the black poodle is Sunny – I think he’s Max’s father. Gosh! I’m getting all the gossip.IMG_2033All too soon, the others were done. We stopped off for a cup of tea at The Crooked House. Kai kept asking why they built the house that way. The adults were all too tired to answer him and partly because they don’t know the answer. LOL!

IMG_2037And see what Benedetta got – a corgi! I’ll tell you more about Benedetta later.IMG_2044Along the streets we met Mabel! A cockapoo puppy – all of 16 weeks with her very proud parents!IMG_2050 We walked towards the river again to have lunch at The River House IMG_2064 Me, trying to get at Stefania’s burger!IMG_2053 From all possible angles.But alas, I got nothing.IMG_2057After lunch we walked back along the river – doing a few photo opp poses with the kids
IMG_2078 And more photo ops!IMG_2085Here’s me posing with Benedetta’s Corgi IMG_2105 It was time to go home – back on the train.IMG_2095May’s comment: Lovely day excursion with friends.


  1. Elena

    Hi! Great blog. We were planning to visit Windsor tomorrow with our little dog. Do you know if she would be allowed Into the casrle’s gardens?

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